Insulation Solutions

Foam Spray Insulation

Attics are the #1 Area of Air Loss and Infiltration.

Green Planet Home Solutions will retrofit your attic to save energy in your home by foam sealing open gaps, cracks and open chimney chases to better seal your home making it more energy efficient.

We then install the proper amount (Per North Carolina Building Code) of blown-in fiberglass insulation into the attic.

The goal being a more energy efficient home. More Insulation = Better Energy Savings.

“R-38 of 12-14.5″ is the standard code in Winston-Salem and the Surrounding Areas.

* Some homes may see additional savings using an R-49 of 18” Insulation.

Basements and Crawlspaces are the Second Largest Areas for Air Loss and Infiltration.

Green Planet Home Solutions will clean out the debris and old failing insulation. Then hauled to a waste management facility for proper disposal. We then air seal with foam and block off areas where there are open chases and large gaps under the floor that allow air to escape (allowing unwanted toxins into the home). We then add R-19 6″ Batt Insulation (Per North Carolina Building Code) creating a more energy efficient home.

Walls have the least percentage of air leakage within structures.

Most older homes have little to no insulation in the walls. Green Planet Home Solutions has a unique system for air sealing all walls, helping minimize the amount of air pushed through. Foam pads around outlets and light switches are additional ways of envelope sealing the wall areas. North Carolina Building Code Requires a Minimum of R-15 at 3.5″ in the wall areas.

New Home Construction

While under construction, Green Planet Home Solutions will insulate a new home using the Proper Codes to the Building Area and to the Scope of All Inspectors Qualifications.

Debris Removal

If you have a rental property or home full of old belongings, Green Planet Home Solutions can remove and dispose of these items as needed. Everyone has a different situation and Green Planet Home Solutions is here to help!

Mold | Mildew

Sometimes homes can get really musty, causing white and/or black mold to form in your attic, basement or crawlspace.

Green Planet Home Solutions can help treat these issues before they become a major issue.


Wet spots in your yard are a nuisance and an eyesore. Grass will die if it’s underwater for too long. You can’t mow over wet areas, and everyone tracks mud into the house. If the soggy area is close to your house, it can cause your basement to leak, or worse. So what’s the answer? Green Planet Home Solutions will survey the situation to see where the water is coming from and recommend a solution that works for you the homeowner.