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Efficient Debris Removal in Winston-Salem, NC

Are you moving into a new home that’s stuffed wall-to-wall with the previous owner’s belongings? Green Planet Home Solutions in Winston-Salem, NC, will clean out the debris and other junk, leaving you with a property that’s move-in ready. Our debris removal services are always handled professionally and all material is taken for proper removal. 

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Cleanup Services

We offer cleanup and disposal services for any situation you may be dealing with. After a remodeling project or if you’re simply clearing out your home of junk, our debris removal company is here to help you. You’re in great hands when you need home cleanup assistance. 

Home or Rental Property

Whether it’s a rental property or one you own, Green Planet Insulation offers professional debris removal. Trust us to clear out any items or junk you no longer want, returning your space to the clean and tidy home you deserve. We look forward to giving you the assistance you need. 


Mold can have devastating effects on a home. It can cause illness and deteriorate the structure of your home. If you’re worried about mold in your home, contact us and we’ll provide a thorough mold inspection and mold treatment that will remove all traces of the substance. 


Mildew is a type of mold that grows on flat, moist surfaces. It causes similar health problems to other molds and can result in cosmetic damage and a bad smell in your home. For reliable mildew removal services, call Green Planet Insulation to schedule your inspection and mildew and mold treatment today.  

Insulation Disposal

In addition to removing old belongings, we also clean out failing insulation. You can trust that we will take all insulation to the appropriate waste management facility to ensure proper disposal.

Our Services Include:

✔ Debris Removal

✔ Job Cleanup

✔ Disposal Services

✔ Home Cleanup Services

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If you have a rental property full of the previous tenant’s belongings or a home cluttered with construction materials, Green Planet Insulation is qualified to provide the cleanup and debris removal services you need. Everyone has a different situation and we're here to help! Contact us today to get a free estimate on our services. 

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